A spacious show room, displaying wide range of fibreglass speedboats, cabin boats, motor yacht, locally manufactured long boat, recreational products, boat trailers and etc.

  1. An exclusive air-conditioned chandlery offering an endless variety of parts, accessories and engines.
  2. Relatively efficient customer service centre to provide you necessary assistance and information over the phone.
  3. Simply warm and caring sales team and public relations personals to assist our walk-in customers.
  4. Corporate conveniences, training room for in-house and external training programs.
  5. Family atmosphere administrative office.
  6. Spacious warehouse for sufficient storage of marine accessories, engines and spare parts back up.
  7. Fully equipped workshop for repairing boats and engines.
  8. Extensive dealers network easily accessible to our outstation customer
  9. Knowledgeable sales personnel serving walk in customer, direct sales, dealers and oversees the regional current market needs.